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    数学题库每周发放两次,周一和周四,每套有10道题,平均每天三道题。每月$12元。一次交半年$60元,付款方式可通过个人或银行拨款或PayPal 如需解答难题,另行付款,每题$1元。





联系电话: 416 224 0717


Math  Practice
Math practice can make your kids smarter.
 Math practice will build your child knowledge on: math fundamentals and techniques and contest, algebra and geometry, 2-dimension and 3-dimension, problem solving and graphing.
 Two tests a week
Every test contains 10 questions.
 Tests are send out twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.
From grade 1 to grade 9
This service is $10 a month on a 6 month subscription, or $12 a month on a month to month basis.
 If your kids need assistance solving some of the problems we can help solve the problem with your child through email for $1 for one questions.
 Everyday practice 3 questions guarantee to make your child smarter and be in the top 3 in your class and go to a famous university and get a good job! So start MathPractice right now!
phone :  416 224 0717

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